Yesterday, one of my instagram followers offered to improve my short form videos…


“I noticed you’re posting a lot of content on Instagram lately, it’s so good. I think I can help you make it even more engaging. I specialize in creating short form videos that are entertaining and visually appealing.

Would you be interested in working together to create some amazing content for your followers?”


The assumption that I’m here to entertain my audience is… off the mark.

So I responded accordingly…


“Appreciate the offer, but I’m not in business to entertain people. I’m here to help people with value and insights. Best of luck.”


He persisted:


“Why am I not surprised, lol. You’re a legend, but hear me out.

Valuable insights are important, but adding a little entertainment into your videos improves reach and engagement. People are more likely to share content they find enjoyable, which improves visibility and exposure.

I’d love to have a quick call to discuss some ideas and show you how I can help. Let me know!”


My answer:

No thank you.

I have zero interest in that.

It’s all love towards him, of course. He means well, and I respect his hustle and initiative to make connections with high-level people.

I’m not against spicing things up, either. Just yesterday we tested a video with a new pattern interrupt.

But I am sincerely not interested in becoming an “entertaining” content creator.


Because I sell growth, not entertainment.

I sell to business owners and entrepreneurs who are on a mission to grow their business by getting more people into their courses, coaching and service offers.

They want to have an impact. They’re COMMITTED to spreading their message and building something valuable.

If I put content out that has me performing like a dancing clown, it would repel the serious buyers who want my advanced marketing and sales systems.

The reason is, dancing-clown content puts me in The Entertainment Frame, instead of The Eminent Frame (which is where the money is made).

When you are in The Eminent Frame, you attract high-quality people.

Plus, if clients come to me expecting to be entertained, the second they get in the trenches to do real work… they’ll quit.

They’ll never get the full value of my ideas, models, tactics and strategies designed and proven to significantly increase revenue in a short amount of time.

They’ll miss out on things like my Value Articulation method, which makes your offer and messaging irresistible to high-quality clients.

Or my 28-Day Content Calendar that attracts high-quality clients by putting you in The Eminent Frame.

Or my Market Examination method that uses AI to do 6 hours worth of research in 15 minutes, so you can quickly enter the conversation already going on in the mind of your audience.

Or how to sell through DMs… when to build a team, who to hire and in what order… how to create an experience so good, clients hate to leave… and all of the other systems you get inside The Association.

In other words…

I put results over entertainment

…which is why I’m sure you’re here, reading this now.

Because you want results.

You don’t want to be one of those people constantly chasing the next dopamine hit on TikTok.

You want to build something significant.

Which is also why I’m willing to invite you into The Association.

Be cause if this email struck a cord, there’s a chance it might be the place for you.

To get in on the action – provided you’re still looking for results over entertainment, of course – get started with a free roadmap right here:

We’ll put together your custom plan, and let you know if you’d be a fit for The Association.


P.S. If you’re shocked by this email because you’re just now realizing the gold you’ve been sitting on, then that’s your own fault, lol. Because applications to The Association have been open for some time now. You just need to get a roadmap to see if it’s right for you: