Simple marketing claims and promises are getting ignored as hard as those terms & conditions links nobody. ever. reads.

On top of that, the “unique selling proposition” is basically dead. Promising someone “financial freedom” or “six pack abs” leaves you sounding like everyone else.

The truth is, almost every outcome is already being promised by dozens of competitors.

So what do you do? What are your options? If claims alone won’t get it done, how do you capture attention, stand out and motivate someone to buy from you?

This is exactly what we’re going to dive into today…

Because I’ve been digging into some of the most successful campaigns on the internet, and today I’m going to bring you inside a great ad from LAB Golf. It has at least one or two nuggets you can apply to your own marketing.

I grew up playing competitive golf. I used to fly all over the country playing junior tournaments. I played into my late twenties, but took a break when I had kids. Now that my son is seven and my daughter is five, I’ve been getting back into the game.

Which now means I get served all sorts of golf ads online. The ad we’re going to break down today caught my eye because it’s a great example of what you need do to go deeper than the traditional “claims and promises” type of ad you see everywhere.

In other words, it’s the type of ad that catches and holds the attention of its target market (my LAB golf putter is ordered ✅).

So let’s break it down…

First, here is the ad. It’s only 15 seconds. Give it a quick watch then I’ll give you the breakdown:

Did you see how good that is?

This ad is great because it does three things well…

First, it INTRODUCES the unique mechanism…

“In one hand I have a putter that stays square by itself…”

It doesn’t make claims and promises about “shooting lower scores” or “making more putts.”

NO… that would immediately get an eye roll and scroll. Instead, it gets right to the goods and tells you why the putter is unique.

This works because seeing this starts a whole new conversation in your mind…

“Maybe THAT’S why I haven’t been able to make more putts? Maybe it’s not my fault, maybe it’s my putters fault!? Maybe a putter that stays square by itself is exactly what I’ve been missing?”

This gives the player new hope. Hope that this could be the solution for them.

That is exactly what you want your unique mechanism to do.

Next, it DEMONSTRATES the unique mechanism…

He doesn’t just tell you, he SHOWS you by demonstrating it in action.

“A picture is worth a thousand words.”

You’ve heard that saying before, right? It’s almost cliche by now.

But they took it to heart, which is why they created the harness (aka “the revealer”) you see the putter on. That’s nifty. **They invented the revealer for the sole purpose of demonstrating the unique mechanism.** So smart.

Insight: What visual can you invent to demonstrate the value of your unique mechanism?

It’s a big deal because when you see the unique mechanism in action, you immediately FEEL the reality of what that means for you. You immediately BELIEVE it’s better than the alternative.

The demonstration proves the claim that the putter stays square by itself with irrefutable proof. That’s more than words can do themselves.

Which is what a great demonstration should do.

Last, it PROVES the opposite…

When he puts another popular putter on the revealer, and shows it twisting all over the place, he is proving what happens when you do not have the unique mechanism. He is painting a picture of what life looks like without it.

This increases desire for the putter, because now NOT HAVING a putter that stays square by itself means you’re hurting your chances of making more putts. You’re suffering with a putter that twists and wobbles and fights AGAINST you.

I’m being dramatic, but those are the feelings. Which is why it’s so important to prove the opposite. P90x did this with their unique mechanism (muscle confusion), as well.

In Conclusion…

Most advertisers make claims and promises, hoping their “unique selling proposition” is enough to win over the market.

The days of that happening are long gone.

If you want to compete, you’ve got to go deeper with your next campaign.

One of the ways you can do that is by defining your unique mechanism, demonstrating it, then proving the opposite.

When you do, you’ll be able to capture attention, stand out and motivate the market to buy from you.

Go get it.

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