This week’s video gives you three sales funnel secrets that helped me run over $40 million in profitable advertising, in hundreds of different markets.

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This is going to be amazing.

So I’ve told you that I’ve run over 40 million in profitable advertising in hundreds of different markets, but there was a point when I was just getting started when I was to trying to figure it out. I would study hundreds of advertising campaigns and wonder how are they making it work? What are they doing that allows them to run profitable advertising? What I eventually discovered were the most profitable advertisers were doing a few key things really, really well. Which have allowed me to run some of the most profitable advertising campaigns on the internet today.

So I just got to my studio here in Downtown Rochester to work on some sales funnels and ad campaigns. And what I want to do is bring you inside and share three specific principles you can apply to make your sales funnels more effective.

Principle number one is to make it easy. One of the problems I used to have when I got started was I was using really complicated academic terms to explain what I do. I was telling people about my project in computer mediated communications and how they could let bridge the customer expectation, confirmation theory to do it better. Nobody got it. Once I changed that and started telling people that they could make more sales by creating happier clients, they understood it. They got it. And the reason is because I used simpler language that made it easy to understand. And so that’s principle number one, is to make it easy. Use, simple language that makes it easy for someone to understand the value you have to offer. And you do that by communicating at a sixth grade level or lower.

So principle number two is to make it match. A few years ago, I created a product called Eminent Marketer that I ran ads to a video that then invited people to hop on a call and see if they were a fit for Eminent Marketer. And when I was running that campaign, I was producing a lot of phone calls. It was working really, really well. The problem was when I got on the phone and I was having these conversations, something fell off, something didn’t feel right. And looking back on it, what happened was I was attracting the wrong people. The people that were attracted to the ads and the video and the messaging that we used in that funnel were not a fit for Eminent Marketer and who Eminent Marketer was designed to serve. And so it didn’t match. Once I started talking to the appropriate pains, the appropriate problems, I was talking about the outcomes and telling the right stories because the funnel matched exactly who it was meant to attract, my close rate and the sales that we started to generate an Eminent Marketer, started to improve.

Principle number three is to make it valuable. So if I look back at some of the least successful sales funnels I’ve ever run, I can pinpoint a few key reasons why they were not successful, and one of those reasons is that they were not valuable. Someone did not see this funnel and think that they could derive value from it in and of itself. And so what you want to do it to sales funnels is to make it valuable, make it something that someone wants to go through no matter what. Even if they know there is something for sale at the end of it, they see enough value in the funnel in and of itself that they’re going to go through it. And you do that by helping them escape a pain and arrive at an outcome. And so you promise the escape from a pain, the solution to a problem, and an arrival at a particular outcome. And when you create a sales funnel that is valuable in doing that, you’re going to have a much higher success rate with what you’ve built.

So those are the three principles of creating profitable sales funnels over and over again. Make it easy, make it match, make it valuable. Go get it.