There’s a dangerous myth around “outsourcing” that’s getting traction in the agency growth community. It’s misleading agency owners who are asking themselves…

“Should I invest in building my own sales, marketing and growth systems?

Or rev share with someone who has it figured out?”

The most sophisticated agency owners I work with, the ones who go from zero to 6-figs per month all insist on investing in the assets because they insist on OWNING the assets.

If you outsource it to someone then you don’t own anything. You give up your leverage. You’re a glorified employee.

It’s hella risky.

Dude sending you business gets hit by a bus… now what!?

Someone wants to buy your agency and finds out all your leverage is in some 3rd party vendor via rev-share… “see ya later.”

Same holds true if you rely on whitelabel service providers for the bulk of your clients… what do you own?

When you give up control and don’t own any assets, your agency is a house of cards. One little gust can bring the whole thing down. It’s feeble.

If you want more control and predictability—an unstoppable flow of new clients who stay for years—then you need to invest in control.

Invest in proven sales and marketing systems. Create assets. Build your agency like a fortress.

Build the predictability you want. OWN assets that give you control.

No assets → No control.

Of course, there IS a better way to rev-share. You’ll have to sign a W-2 to get it, tho.

Your dude,

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