Have you noticed that the growth and marketing community has gotten a little, uhm… loud, lately?

With all the noise, how are we supposed to focus on the things that actually grow our business?

Take just content marketing, for example. A simple decision like post frequency get’s burdensome, fast:

  • Some gooroos say. “Publish an article a day”
  • Others say no, you just need one good post per week
  • Another crowd says write one great article a month (promote it the rest of the time)

“So uhmm, yea… what??”

And that’s just one piece (post frequency) of one component (content marketing) in an overall growth strategy.

Growing a business is starting to feel like you’re sprinting through a violent minefield, dodging an endless barrage of shiny tactics…



The answer is simple, it’s prioritization. In practice, however, setting priorities gets a bit complicated.

That’s why, in the video below I walk you through a system you can use to prioritize your growth opportunities.

You can then start to understand when it’s appropriate to publish one article a day or one per week, when you should be A/B testing or when you should be focusing on something else.

By the end of the short, four-minute video you’ll have a fail-proof method for prioritizing your growth opportunities.

If you follow the process in the video below, you’ll never be distracted by “the latest and greatest” tactics… and you’ll always know with absolute certainty, “what should I do next?”