In this week’s video, let’s talk about how to dial in and focus on the one thing that really matters for growing your business.

The big lesson here is that if you aren’t focused on this one thing, everything else becomes more difficult.

Your ad costs go up.

Sales go down.

Clients get unhappy.

When you stay focused on this one thing, however, everything else works much better.

That’s what this week’s video is all about.

Video Transcript:

There’s something painful going on in the marketing and entrepreneurship community that is costing a lot of people an opportunity to be successful. People are being bombarded with hype. They’re being distracted by all of these shiny objects and they’re getting caught up in all the noise. Let’s have a conversation about exactly what you need to focus on so that you can rise above it all and create advertising that works and generates profit. Let’s do it.

There is a lot of noise in the market. Quick flip through any newsfeed on any social media platform and you will realize that there is a plethora of distraction in this world, mainly around what to focus on and what the next big opportunity is. The problem with that is that our brain is naturally wired to assess each opportunity that comes into our frame of awareness.

It’s to the fault of no one that when we see all of these things that are ultimately a distraction, our mind rightfully so to protect us and our safety and our survival. My brain evaluates, is this reliable, is this a real opportunity or not? That takes a lot of energy and can also disorient us and distract us from what we want to achieve.

What I want to give you right now is exactly what you need to focus on. It’s simple. I want to help you get some clarity by the end of this video so that you know what is the most important thing that you need to focus on so that you can create ads that work, so that you can build a business that grows continuously and perpetually.

There is this area off of the coast of Long island called Montauk Point. Montauk Point is known for great fishing. The reason is Long Island sticks out off the coast. When fish are migrating north, during the change of season, they have to go around the point. When they’re migrating south, they have to go around the point. What happens is it becomes this condensed, high traffic area with a lot of fish. There’s small fish, there’s medium fish eating smaller fish, there are big fish eating medium fish. It becomes as high traffic area and it is ripe for great fishing.

There’s one fisher who was a commercial fisherman, who out fished the rest. His name was John Raid. And John Raid was interviewed about how he was able to be so dominant, especially when you consider the fact that he’s what they call a pin hooker. A pin hooker is someone that doesn’t use all the fancy equipment. He doesn’t use all the fancy nets. He doesn’t have a massive crew. He’s a one man shop and he uses basic tools for fishing.

He was asked, “How are you able to be so successful?” There are 50 and 60 person charters that John Raid by himself could out fish. It was phenomenal. It was amazing that he was able to do that. He thought about it. He thought back to an old timer that gave him a piece of advice and he said, “I’m able to be successful because I think like a fish, I don’t think like a fishermen.”

When you think about that, all of the fishermen were thinking like fishermen. They were thinking of what boat, what pole, what net do I need? I need more crew. All of that. Meanwhile, John Raid, who was out fishing all of them, was thinking about the fish. He was thinking about what bait needs to be in the water in what season. What are the water conditions at particular times of the year. What’s the environment of the ocean and how can he be in the right place so that he can touch the most fish.

The significance of that when we start thinking about how to apply that to our advertising, that becomes a significant lesson, in that it doesn’t matter what platform you’re on, it doesn’t matter what tool or mechanism you’re using if you don’t have the understanding of your market, you don’t understand your customer, you don’t understand your prospect.

What I want to invite you to do, and it has been impactful for us, is I want to invite you to think like a fish, think like a prospect. What are they seeing on a day to day basis? What are they consuming on a day to day basis? What are they desiring? What are they hungry for? What do they dislike? What is repelling to them? What is going to make them swim in the opposite direction, as fast as possible? Start to put your mind on your prospect and think and obsess about that.

Focus there. You can ignore all of the other hype about the platforms and where you need to be, because those things only work as a product of you understanding your prospects on a deep level. Start thinking like a fish and you will see your ability to create ads and create campaigns that capture attention, that turn into opportunities for your business to go up. Cool? Think like a fish and you’ll make ads that work. Go get it.