You have two choices when you’re deciding how to grow your thing.

You can choose the simple path or the complex path.

You probably read that and think “obv the simple path is the best path” yet you’d be surprised how many people overcomplicate what they’re trying to build.

Everyday you see guys conjuring up these sophisticated growth plans as if they’re competing with SpaceX to put a manned ship on Mars. There is a time and place for rocket science, but that time is usually when you’re doing something related to rockets, not your business.

Business science is always simple….

It’s do A get B.

Put A in get B out.

Once you know what A is… just do it at a high level, over and over again.

That’s why simplicity is the driving force behind what GrowthBoks is helping clients achieve. We’re all in on doing the simple things well.

Turns out it’s not just us.

I saw a video of Kobe Bryant explaining one of his core drills. The drill was him dribbling up to a chair and shooting a jump shot. That’s it. The teenagers looking on couldn’t believe THAT was the drill that made him one of the best of all time. He could sense their doubt so he showed them the games he won because he hit the fundamental shot.

He didn’t do fancy things. He did simple things at a world class level.

So the question is… Is today the day you shed the complexity that’s holding you back?

Is today the day you commit to doing the simple things at a high level?

It’s your choice. Hope it’s a simple one 😉

Go get it.

In your corner,