Before I released The Growth Engine a few weeks ago, I almost fell into my old mediocre ways.

When I started thinking about all it *could* become, I was flooded with ideas. Like a full-blast fire hose between your eyes kind of flooded.


I could have gotten distracted by all the opportunities like I did in the past.

I could have decided to share The Growth Engine by writing a 200 page book. I could have built a 24 lesson training program. I could have shot 12 videos. Wrote 15 email autoresponder messages. Tweaked my website design for 33 hours. Developed 11 different landing pages or launched 10 complex Facebook ad campaigns.

Those all crossed my mind.

I had so many ideas it was dangerous, but I remembered something I learned years before (and had been practicing ever since).

I decided to take an approach I learned from the growth team inside one of Silicon Valley’s fastest growing companies.

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This One Idea Helped Me Avoid Catastrophe

It was hard for me to grasp it at first because it contradicted the way I used to approach my work, my ideas, my business.

But it was enlightening.

It was enlightening because it made it blatantly obvious how the fastest growing companies are able to leave their competition in the dust.

So I put it into action.

Instead of getting buried in pointless rumination, I took the growth team’s approach (which I’ll share in the video below) and turned The Growth Engine into a blog post. I shared the post with some friends and waited to see what happened.

The result?

Six thousand people viewed the growth engine article on Growth Hackers (and more see it every day).

growth hacking techniques

Growth Hacker’s featured it in their weekly newsletter as the number one article of the week, ahead of articles from growth experts like Brian Balfour and Sean Ellis.

growth marketing

growth marketing tactics

I’ve had dozens of conversations with people who are applying the method and seeing results. Conferences and websites have invited me to present the idea, write guest articles, appear on podcasts and more.

The Growth Engine is resonating.

And what’s even better is, those conversations are improving The Growth Engine. Every conversation uncovers new ways it can help more people have more success. I get the sense something special is brewing.

I’m not sharing this to brag. To be honest, this is just the beginning of what’s possible. I’m sharing it because this is completely different from the way I would have done it in the past.

In the past, I would have spent months buried in the corner of Starbucks, grinding over my keyboard hashing out a grand plan. And when it was all said and done, The Growth Engine would have ended up in my junkyard of ideas that never quite get shared.

Instead, thanks to applying this one simple concept, Get Elevation is off to a fast start, The Growth Engine is helping hundreds of people… and it’s all growing every minute.

FREE BONUS: Download the expanded checklist with 7 additional ways you can accelerate growth. You’ll also receive full access to The Growth Engine Workbook. All free.

The ‘aha’ moment that made it possible…

I made a video that walks you through the concept I’ve been alluding to (sorry for the drama). It’s one of those ideas every growth expert should know. I wish I knew it sooner.

In the video you’ll learn:

  • What I learned from the growth team in Silicon Valley
  • How it’s completely different from the way we usually do things
  • And three specific ways you can use it to accelerate every idea, tactic, or opportunity you see.

Also, after you watch the video, you can access a free expanded checklist that helps you put this into practice…

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