I was on a call with a graphic designer yesterday. He and his wife just had their first baby, and he’s contemplating his next move… because life just got serious.

His freelance design business is struggling. He’s thinking about getting a job. He even interviewed for a few positions.

But he’s also wondering if he should double-down on his business and make a push to grow (which is why we were talking).

I asked him…

“Why take a job??”


He paused for a second.

“…the security of making a pay check seems like the smart thing to do.”

My oldest just turned 8, so I get it. I was in his situation eight years ago.

Here’s the truth…

When you put the reality of having a job under a microscope, you realize a job does not give you security.

Your income is tied to the whims of that single business.

You’re expendable.

You don’t have control over who you work with, etcetera, etcetera.

This is where a few of you start to think I’m hating on having a job. I’m not. I’m simply pointing out that THE JOB is not where security comes from. It’s as risky as anything.

“Well then where does true security come from?”

True security comes from your skills.

For the people I work with, security comes from being able to go out into the world, attract leads and make sales.

It comes from being able to create an experience so valuable clients hate to leave.

It comes from being known as the eminent leader in your area of expertise.

That makes you indispensable. Which gives you (and your family) undeniable security.

I’ll say it again for the stragglers…

The people who are secure in their job are NOT secure because they have a job. They are secure because they have SKILLS that make them indispensable. It just so happens that they are putting those skills to work inside a job.

The same is true for a successful business.

The business grows consistently and securely because it has the ability to do what a successful business does… which is get leads, sign clients and deliver value, over and over again.

When you realize that, you can ask yourself:

Do I want to develop skills that make me a better employee? Or do I want to develop skills that make me a better owner?

Both are honorable paths. Neither is better than the other. You just need to choose which is right for you.

If skills for being better owner is your choice, then I’ll give you a roadmap and get you there in no time.