From Struggling For Months To “Wait a minute, this is actually working” (and $28,800 in new revenue)

Watch Sam M.’s Full Story…

Sam works with software companies.

Before he found Kev he was confident in his skills as an expert, but his business was entirely dependent on referrals AND he was burning energy on long sales cycles and custom proposals.

He’d tried watching free videos, reading blog posts—he even bought a few courses on marketing and funnels for getting clients—but he was struggling to figure out what he should actually do and how to make it work.

“When it’s my clients, it’s really easy to help them see through the fog… but it’s so hard to do it on yourself. I would say it’s impossible to do it on yourself.

After struggling to go at it alone, Sam accepted that he needed help, took a leap of faith and bet on himself by deciding to work with Kev.

Side Note: When you build client attraction systems the way we do you create mutual connections that turn strangers into hand raisers.

“Once I got inside I realized oh, Kev’s got this. All I need to do is show up and follow the process…”

We helped Sam establish his eminence with a simple scalable offer (SSO) and helped him dial in his messaging so clients were happy to pay him top dollar for his expertise (instead of his time).

After going to market with his new offer, Sam started getting traction. He enrolled an initial group of clients and started to feel the excitement of having an offer people really want to buy.

“…there’s this excitement that happens, that feeling of, holy crap I just built something and sold it to someone… and that’s amazing. Then I did it again… and I did it again…”

When you get momentum like this you start to see the power of following the process.

In a few months Sam added $28,800 in new, scalable revenue.

If you’re in a place where you need to breakthrough and scale a more profitable agency, and you want to see if there may be an opportunity to do that with us, then you owe it to yourself, your business, and everyone around you to book a call and get some clarity.

It’s super-low pressure and worst case you’ll come out with fresh ideas about how to grow. Availability is first come first serve, so it’s probably best if you grab a spot while you’re thinking about it.